Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Shipping information

Shipping around the world is only $1.00 ! That's right, only US$1.00!
No matter how many items you purchase from me, you only pay $1.00 shipping. If you want insurance, ( which I highly reccomend, as packages with insurance can be tracked), it is only $1.50 more.

Why such low shipping? Because quite honestly, shipping such small, light items does NOT cost an arm and a leg, and I have no desire to ream my customers on it. Nothing drives me more crazy as a customer myself, than needlessly high shipping costs. I have always believed that a product should stand on its own. If shipping needs to be increased to pad the sale price of the item, perhaps the item isn't worth the price they are putting on it.

And I want YOU, as the customer, to know that when you pay for one of my items, you are getting full value for your money, with NO hidden costs.


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