Thursday, March 09, 2006

Red Agate

This red agate and real freshwater pearl necklace comes in three different lengths, and is strung on real silk for added strength & protection of your pearls. It is sure to compliment any outfit, and works beautifully as a contrast to black, navy, or cream colored suits or dresses. I reccomend the 16" length for higher scoop-neck tops, or for the occasion of drawing attention to your neck. The 18" length works very well for the same purpose as the 16" length, for larger women, as well as for drawing the attention further down the neckline. The 24" is for wearing over sweaters, turtlenecks, etc., & for those times when you are wearing the jewelry more as an accessory to the outfit, rather than for the purpose of drawing attention to the neckline or the decollette.

Item 101 ~ 3 Red Agate & Pearl 16" ~ $37.60

Item 102~ 3 Red Agate & Pearl 18" ~ $45.00

Item 103~ 3 Red Agate &Pearl 24" ~ $52.00

Red Agate: In ancient Rome an agate worn in a ring on the hand or bound to the left arm ensured the favor of the vegetative deities, who would cause the Earth to be fruitful.

Agates were popular talisman in the Middle East to ensure the healthy state of the blood. In ancient Britain they were worn to guard against skin diseases. Triangular shaped agates were used in Syria to avert intestinal problems.